Top New Free Android App Review #1 - The Snowman and The Snowdog

TITLE: The Snowmand and the Snowdog
DEVELOPER: Channel 4 Television Corporation

The Snowman and the Snowdog

For the last 30 years, The Snowman has played on out TVs at Christmas. Every. Single. Year. This year, however, they decided to make a sequel and I was surprised to see that they had also made an app to go with it that had made the number 1 spot on the New Free Apps chart this week.

When I opened the app, I was immediately greeted with an animated title screen of the Snowman, the boy and the snowdog, flying. The style is very similar to the real cartoon. It simply says “Touch Anywhere To Pay” which takes you straight into the game.

The game is very straight forward. You are simply flying through the air and you have to collect different types of items around you. For example, getting snowflakes will increase the time you have remaining. Also, little missions pop up to collect a specific object like angels, or ice cream. Every now and then, you have a choice to continue to collect stuff, or head towards the North Pole: the ultimate aim of the game. Eventually, you will finish the level and go to the next one. If you keep choosing to collect more stuff, you will unlock more awards and when you do finish the level, you will get a higher rating.

The controls are simple. You do not control the direction of the Snowman, you simply tap on the object that you wish to pick up. You can swipe down to temporarily slow down the flight or swipe across to do a fancy “barrel roll” (which has no impact on the game).

The graphics are beautiful. As mentioned before, it has the same sort of style and colours as the cartoon. The detail is perfect and overall it is not too bland (which is a danger when doing a landscape covered in snow). The cartoon look is maintained even when you swoop in between buildings.

The music is soft and pleasing to the ear. It is subtle and is not one of those annoying loops.

Overall, it is a very good game. It doesn’t really have a replay factor, but it appears to have a fairly long life and will keep adults and kids alike busy for a while over the Christmas holidays as it is strangely addictive. It is also a perfect companion to the cartoon.

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