Another Year Done

2014...what a year.

Thinking about it now, it has simply flown by. I still remember Google’s doodle from last New Year’s eve/day.

So much has happened this year!

The biggest thing, that I have spoken most publically about, is the completion of my University degree and getting a first. It had been an extrememly tough end.

It started in January 2014 (the end of uni, obviously the year started then!), when I had 2 exams for 2 modules. After these modules I had just 1 module left which didn’t have an exam and so these were the LAST exams that I would have to do.

I struggled a lot to revise for them. I think it was a combination of knowing that they were my last and just being fed up of revising. I just found a big lack of motivation.

Somehow, as usual, I managed to nail them both and was able to add another couple of good marks onto my tally.

And then there was the dissertation. I previously wrote about my struggles with it and just thinking about it makes me wonder how I got through it.

I am so happy to have gotten a First for it all. I honestly thought that I wouldn’t do it in the end but I managed it!

At the end of January 2015, is my graduation ceremony and then the University chapter of my life will be well and truly over.

The other big change is that my family and I moved out of the house that I grew up in for nearly all of my life. This didn’t happen until November, but it has still been a big change to endure in 2014.

Looking ahead

For the past 4 years at least and perhaps longer, I have always been able to look at the year ahead an know what my aims were. They always consisted of completing some year at school or uni and try to get the best grades possible.

2015, is the first year where I do not have this luxury. For the first time, I am looking ahead at 2015 and am not able to make a plan for it! This is kind of scary.

Another thing that I always do is make a list of side projects that I want to complete before they year is out. Every year, I make the list and every year I barely complete even 1 item.

This year will be different. Not only am I making the list really short but I also think I stand a good chance of doing them as I do not have University coursework or revision to factor in to my schedule.

My list contains just 2 items. There may be other things that I will do throughout the year and want to do but there are 2 that I really want to do before the year is out:

1) Build an Android game
Since releasing an app at the very start of this year, I have wanted to make another. I have always wanted to make an Android game and I have had a couple of good ideas. I have been doing some preparation work for this aim over the past month so watch this space!

2) Make good progress writing a book
For a very long time, I have had an idea for a series of fictional books. For the past few years, I have been developing this idea in my head. I would love to get started writing it. My aim is to have at least a lot of the 1st book written and a good idea of what the parts I haven’t written are. This is a strange one as it is so different to what I usually do for work and side projects.

As I have said, these are my 2 main ones. I will be working on other things as well such as writing this blog more often, continue playing with my Raspberry Pi as well as working on a couple of websites.

I have found if I write all these in a list, I will get none of them done, but focussing on a couple will give me a good sense of accomplishment, especially if I finish before the end of the year.

Bring on 2015

So I am super excited to see what 2015 will bring. As I have said, it is going to be a lot less predictable than previous years: no school or uni and living in a new house in a new area.

I hope you all have an amazing and successfull 2015 and look forward to writing all of the new things that it teaches here!

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