Codemesh Conference - Day 2

Codemesh Conference Day 2

Day 2 of this year’s Codemesh conference was just as mind blowing as day 1.

So without further ado, here are 3 things that I learnt from day 2 (I am moving house today so I don’t have time to do the full 5!).

1) Tiny is better I will leave the explanation at that to respect this statement.

2) Purescript: functional programming for Javascript
This was one of those talks that I could actually apply to my current role. Purescript is a Haskell style functional programming language that can be compiled directly into Javascript and used on the web. Pretty awesome as you can do some pretty complex stuff a lot cleaner than if you wrote in pure Javascript (even if you do use JQuery!).

3) I can program and test infrastructure
I do not know much about infrastructure and server configurations. But with tools such as Chef, I can essentially set up a server using a programming language and set up tests to see if my application works on it. I also won a copy of the Chef book in the raffle.

Overall, this conference really opened my mind to new technologies that I would not normally have even heard of. There was a lot of information over the past 2 days, but if anything, I have at least got the names of new technologies that are being talked that I can later look into.

The feeling you get coming out of the conference is the same feeling you get after you watch a Brian Cox documentary about the wonders of the Universe: you just feel so small. In the web industry, you see a lot of young people playing and advancing the same technologies, but then you come here, and you see a lot of people who have been programming since before I was born. Proper, real programming – they point a laugh at the mention of Java.

I definitely hope that I can go next year and I have definitely been left with some food for thought for the next few months.

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