Google Nexus 7 - First Impressions

So after pre-ordering the 16GB a week ago (just before it was declared out of stock), it has finally arrived!

I have had a little play with it today and here are my first impressions.


I was pleasantly surprised that after turning it on, putting in my Google account details and connecting it to the WiFi, I found all of the apps that I have downloaded on my Android phone, ready an waiting on my tablet!

I thought this was a nice little touch and one that I did not expect. Unfortunately, I could not have all the save data that went along with the apps but I guess that would be asking a bit too much!

As for the hardware itself. It is small enough to fit comfortably in my hand but big enough to be a tablet. There are just three built buttons for volume and power which are on the side. Headphone jack and micro usb for connectivity to computer.

The biggest disappointment is the lack of an SD card slot. It means that you are really stuck with 16GB (or 8GB if you get the cheaper model)! I really wish we could know the thinking behind not having one. I am going to conduct a little experiment involving an adapter and a standard USB drive (more on that one to come!).

This tablet also acknowledges the fact that people who take pictures and film using their tablets look like turds by not having a camera on the back. What they do include is a camera on the front so you can still do things like video calls or unlock using facial recognition.

It comes loaded with the latest Android OS 4.1 (well actually, my one updated to 4.1.1 as soon as it had finished loading). So far I have been very impressed with this (I have been using 2.3.5 since February). It is fast, intuitive and looks sleek.

I have only had it for a few hours so can not pass a proper judgement. So far I am very impressed and luckily no issues with the screen as some have reported. I look forward to using it and experimenting with it!

Thanks for reading.

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