Hello 2022?

It's amazing how quickly time flies, I can't believe I fell out of even semi-regular blogging so easily.

This site needs a big update. My "About Me" is very out of date, especially the photo. I think 2017 was the last time it was updated.

Wondering if it is time to shut down, UniverseSite. It pains me to say it because it was my first big project that I saw through to the end and I learnt a lot whilst building it. But after 11 years, I am now only running it for old times sake, but it is costing money for no reason. I doubt anyone is actually going onto it and finding it useful.

Over the past 5 years, I have released a lot of domain names that I was holding onto with the hope of one day turning them into money making side projects.

I actually came back to this blog because I was looking for the step-by-step guide I once made for extending a volume on VirtualBox. I couldn't remember if I actually published it. It seems not.

Well I best get back to work. I am off for a week after today. Getting married next week. Maybe I will see you again some time. At least the SSL certificate is valid again until August.

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