Hello - My First Post

Hello world!

How cliché! But as a programmer, I feel obliged to start off this blog with those famous words.

I have had this domain for a long while and have been very indecisive of what to do with it. At first, it was going to be a portfolio site where I show off all my wonderful creations.

But then a realised that I do not yet have many wonderful creations. I have made a total of two websites.

I have always wanted to blog. I have experimented different ways, including Youtube but I have not been consistent.

Then I thought, hang on, I have a domain with my name in it. Why no download WordPress onto it and blog on here! So here I am!

This blog will have my thoughts on articles related to technology, programming and computery stuff. It will also contain information about personal projects, maybe some tutorials: we will see!

I hope you enjoy reading and of course, I welcome feedback.

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