Why I <3 Windows 8

Windows 8 Start Screen

Windows 8 went on sale this week ushering in a new era for Windows and Microsoft.

Windows 8 brings massive changes to its UI bringing massive criticism. But I have been using it and I found that after getting the hang of things and configuring everything, Windows 8 is not only as usable as any previous version, but it is fantastic!

They have done a very important move. They have made on OS that is compatible with any device it goes on: touch, desktop big or small. Because of this, you have the new interface which is what they call ‘Start’ and underneath you have the existing desktop that we are all used to.

You can still do everything that you could do before. Run programs, disk cleanups, command prompt. I name these because I am not sure what people are missing and these are the sort of applications that take a while to find.

The new interface is brilliant. I like the ideas of the apps. I like being able to be on my desktop and have the app open on the side. There are two minor things that I would like to see added to this interface:

To be able to have a variable size when I have apps open along side desktop. At the moment, it seems to snap to a fixed size.

To be able to group app icons better. I find that the new UI can become quickly cluttered, and if the future is on that UI, then there needs to be an improved organisation. I would like to see something similar to a folder, where I click a tile, and it expands to reveal more tiles inside!

Another thing I do not like, is that it seems in some cases, you can get both the classic program and the app installed at the same time. It is sometimes confusing in the way it opens one or the other.

It is clear that the future is the new UI. As time goes, more and more apps and features will begin to be accessible from here whilst the Desktop becomes a legacy just like DOS has become command prompt. I am fine with this just as long as it gets the polishing that it needs.

Overall I have had a very good experience with Windows 8. My worry is that it did require a lot of figuring things out and tweaking and a lot of people won’t want to do this or even be able to. But if most of the market is touch devices, then there won’t even be a need to since my tweaks was to be able to get to the system settings. Do day to day users even require these?

I find the experience fast, smooth and bug free! There is something that you don’t hear about Windows every day. Also (deep breath), it has taken them 10 versions, but I think Internet Explorer has finally got there. It is fast and clean. I am yet to check its compatibility with HTML elements though, especially HTML 5.

It even came pre-loaded with Flash Player which shows that they are not ignorant to the fact that it still has a massive grip on the Internet.

I really hope it takes off! I think with some polishing, Windows 9 could make it even more amazing!

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